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Effective Date:  December 9, 2019
Last Updated:  December 23, 2022

We use common tracking technologies.

We collect personal information about users over time and across different websites when you use this website.  We also have third parties that collect personal information this way. To do this, we use several common tracking tools. Our vendors may also use these tools. In this policy “we” and “us” refers to both Triple E Canada Ltd. and our vendors. These tools may include browser cookies. We may also use web beacons, pixels, flash cookies, and similar technologies.

This page summarizes our use of common tracking tools. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

We use tracking technologies for a variety of reasons.

We use tracking tools, including cookies, on our websites.  Third parties also use cookies on our sites. We and our third party suppliers use tracking tools:

  • To recognize new or past visitors.
  • To improve our website and to better understand your visits on our websites.
  • To personalize your experience when you use our websites.
  • To integrate with third party social media websites and platforms with our websites.
  • To serve you with interest-based or targeted advertising (see below for more on interest-based advertising), both on our websites, and on other websites.
  • To observe your behaviors and browsing activities on our websites, and over time across multiple websites or other platforms.
  • To better understand the interests of our customers and our website visitors.

We engage in interest-based advertising.

We and our partners display interest-based advertising using information gathered about you over time across multiple websites or other platforms. This might include apps.

Interest-based advertising or “online behavioral advertising” includes ads served to you after you leave our website, encouraging you to return. They also include ads we think are relevant based on your browsing habits or online activities. These ads might be served on websites or on apps. They might also be served in emails. We might serve these ads, or third parties may serve ads. They might be about our products or other companies’ products.

How do we gather relevant information about you for interest-based advertising?

To decide what is relevant to you, we use information you make available to us when you interact with us, our affiliates, and other third parties. We gather this information using the tracking tools described above. For example, we or our partners might look at your purchases or browsing behaviors. We might look at these activities on our websites or the websites of others.

We work with third parties who help gather this information. These third parties might link your name or email address to other information they collect. That might include past purchases made offline or online. Or, it might include online usage information.

You can control certain tracking tools.

Your browser may give you the ability to control cookies. How you do so depends on the type of cookie. Certain browsers can be set to reject browser cookies. To control Flash cookies, which we may use on certain websites from time to time, you can go here. Why? Because Flash cookies cannot be controlled through your browser settings.

Our Do Not Track Policy: Some browsers have “do not track” features that allow you to tell a website not to track you. These features are not all uniform. We do not currently respond to those signals.

If you block cookies, certain features on our sites may not work. If you block or reject cookies, not all of the tracking described here will stop.

Certain options you select are browser and device specific.

You can opt-out of online behavioral advertising.

The Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising provides consumers with the ability to opt-out of having their online behavior recorded and used for advertising purposes. To opt out of having your online behavior collected for advertising purposes, click here.

The Digital Advertising Alliance also offers a tool for opting out of the collection of cross-app data on a mobile device for interest-based advertising. To exercise choice for companies participating in this tool, download the AppChoices app here.

Certain choices you make are both browser and device-specific.

About Cookies

The specific types of cookies and tracking tools served through our sites are described in more detail below.

Cookie Settings / Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Please note that we may allow certain companies to place tracking technologies like cookies on our sites, which allow those companies to receive information about your activity on our sites that is associated with your browser or device. Triple E and these companies may use this data to customize content for you and to serve you more relevant ads on our sites or other sites. Please use the button below to opt-out of all non-essential cookies.

Your current state:

Keep in mind that your selections are specific to the device and browser you are using. If you want to opt-out on multiple devices or browsers, please complete this process for each device and for each browser. Your selections are also deleted whenever you clear your browser’s cache.

Essential Cookies and Tools

These cookies and tools are necessary to provide you with services available through our sites and to use some of our sites’ features. Without these tools, our sites and certain features may no longer work.


Why We Use It


To identify trusted web traffic


To prevent cross site request forgery


To operate promotions on our site


To process purchases on our Site


To distinguish between humans and bots

Google Tag Manager

To control and manage loading of other cookies, tools, and tags on our sites


To recognize users across page of our Site, including when completing a web-based survey


To implement a live-chat feature on our Site;

To recognize users and optimize their experience with the chatbot; and

To determine what pages on our Site users view, and which support notifications users have seen


To store a user’s agreement to or rejection of cookies


Performance and Customization Tools

These cookies and tools help enhance the performance and functionality of our sites. These tools may also help us understand how our websites are being used, or how effective our marketing campaigns are. We may also use these tools to help us customize our sites. Without these tools, certain features on our sites may no longer work.


Why We Use It


To allow us to add events to users’ calendars, if users ask us to do so


To recognize users’ preferred language and country setting


To recognize when a user subscribes to our emails


To store user preferences when playing embedded videos and to see which pages users have viewed


To determine the optimal video quality based on users’ device and network settings


To allow our comments section and chat box to function


To test different arrangements of and features on our site to create an optimal site experience for our users


Advertising Tools

These cookies and tools are used for interest-based advertising purposes, as described in more detail above.


Why We Use It / Additional Options (if applicable)

Google AdWords,

Double Click

For more information about Google’s privacy controls, visit

You can opt out by downloading the opt-out browser add-on available at:

Google Analytics

To manage and understand how users use the sites, including the browser and device used to access the sites

To look at what sites users come from, how they find our sites, and what sites users visit when they leave us


If you are a Facebook user, visit this site to learn how to adjust your Facebook ad settings and preferences:



Surveymonkey (including Wufoo)